Having worked with clients across the globe, our team of engineers and detailers can interpret the inputs of different standards and can provide accurate and detailed reinforcement steel placement drawings and Bar Bending Schedules (BBS).

The team has experience in preparing placement drawings (for cast in situ and precast structural elements) and schedules based on Indian, Euro, British and American codes and standards. To assure accuracy and quality, hard copies of each drawing and schedule is rechecked first by the detailer and then a team leader before the drawing is sent out to the client.

Typical turn-around time for an A1 size placement drawing and its schedule varies from 8 to 20 manhours depending on the complexity of the structure involved. Since we have a large team of experienced detailers, we can work on several drawings simultaneously for quick delivery of large projects.

In terms of pricing, we estimate the number of placement drawings required and the manhours required to complete the detailing. With the man hours thus estimated, we will be able to price the detailing work. We can also indicate the number and list of drawings we have estimated along with our quote.

Snapshot of reinforcement steel detailing services:

(Euro, ACI, IS, BS Codes)

Services Project types Information required Products delivered Software Used
  • Industrial structures
  • LNG tanks
  • Foundations for nuclear power plant
  • Marine structures
  • Industrial buildings
  • Huge foundations/ Machine foundations
  • Silos
  • Treatment plant
  • Power plant foundation
  • Turbine foundations
  • Various structures of oil and gas plants
  • Structural drawings(and/or)
  • Reinforcement sketches
  • Reinforcement drawings
  • Bar bending schedules
  • Bar listing in PDF/ MS Excel
  • Density calculations in MW Excel
  • Rebar estimation services
  • As-built drawings
  • PID drawings
  • Revit Architecture (along with third-party plugins)
  • Strakon
  • Commercial or residential buildings
  • Airports
  • High rise buildings
  • Renovation buildings
  • Stadiums
  • Multi-storied parking garages
  • Villas and apartments
  • Housing projects
  • Infrastructure facilitates
  • Railway/highway over-bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Deep walls (BS parts)
  • Slurry walls
  • Sewage/Drainage pits
  • Retaining walls
  • Other structures
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Concrete tubes/pipes
  • Prefabricated elements drawings
  • Piercing pit
  • Weirs and locks