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Reinforcement detailing

The Team

Paradigm IT commenced Reinforcement Detailing services from early 2000. We now have a team of 40 Engineers and Detailers proficient in preparation of detailing drawings as per different codes of practices. Working in association with international clients and different standards, team can interpret the inputs of different standards and hence provide accurate and detailed reinforcement steel placement drawings and Bar Bending Schedules as per client requirements.

The team now has proficiency in preparing 3D reinforcement drawings for complex structures using the detailing options in Autodesk REVIT with third party plugins.


Standards and Quality

We work on the principle of matching the quality of major companies in our business but with significantly lower prices.

Paradigm IT’s reinforcement detailing team has experience in preparing placement drawings and schedules based on Indian, Euro, British and American codes and standards. The team normally works on the software, STRAKON. Depending on client requirements drawings can be delivered using other CAD software also. In order to assure accuracy and quality, hard copies of each drawing and schedule is checked by the detailer himself  and then a team leader before the drawing is sent out to the client. 

Turn Around Time

Typical working hours for producing an A1 size placement drawing and its schedule varies from 8 man hours to 20 man hours depending on the complexity of the structure involved. Since we have a fairly large team of experienced detailers, it is possible to take up a number of drawings simultaneously and make deliveries based on client requirements. 

Location, Business Hours

We are located in Kochi, INDIA and we are 5 hours 30 minutes behind GMT. (GMT -5:30). Our normal working hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. The Structural Steel Detailing team who works for the fabrication drawings work from 12:30 PM till 9:00 PM. Therefore, someone responsible for the fabrication drawings is available to communicate with clients from Australia to North America  during common working hours.


On receipt of the basic design drawings from the customer, we will estimate the number of placement drawings required and the man hours required to complete the detailing as per the customer’s requirements. With the man hours thus estimated, we will be able to price the detailing work. We can also indicate the number and list of drawings we have estimated along with our quote.



  • Detailing drawings in any of the following formats :.kon/.pdf/.dwg as per client requirement
  • Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) in the above formats as well as in EXCEL (i.e..with bar shapes or shape codes ).

Input from Customer

The detailing team can accept input files in all types of CAD formats and as PDF files. We can also extract required information from Autodesk REVIT models.


List of projects and sample drawings.

Please contact Ms. Binu Sunil (binu@paradigm.in), our Director – Engineering, for a list of projects,  further sample drawings and for quotes.