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Geotechnical Design


Geotechnical engineers provide quality solutions to a variety of geotechnical problems.


These include

  • soil layer identification from different field test results
  • stability check of structures like tunnels, bridges supports and retaining walls,
  • foundation design
  • slope stability check,
  • design of earth retaining structures, like Berliner walls (I walls), secant pile walls, sheet piling etc. with and without anchors for various sub-surface conditions.
  • ground water Analysis : the influence of dewatering for under ground constructions to the adjacent area are studied and a detailed contour of water levels at different locations is provided. This enables to find settlement of nearby structures and the the rate of pumping to be done for lowering the water table with optimum number and size of drains.


Softwares :   Plaxis 2D, Plaxis 3D, ElasPlas, Ground water Vistas etc.