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Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings

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The Team

Paradigm’s Structural Detailing team has been in operation since 2009. In the earlier years this team was assisting the structural design team for preparation of general arrangement drawings and fabrication drawings (Workshop drawings) as and when needed by the design department. We were then using the software, STRUCAD. Now the team exclusively details using the software, TEKLA( Previously XSTEEL).

Since 2012, the team have been taking up Steel Detailing Services from external clients. The team now has a dedicated strength of Ten(10) members, including Checkers, CAD Engineers, Drafters and Project Managers. In case of additional load on the man power, the team draws people from the Engineering department. The Engineering department also assists the Detailing team in Connection Design calculations etc.

Standards & Quality

We work on the principle of matching the quality of major companies in our business but with significantly lower prices.

The Structural Steel Detailing, Connection Design and Checking are done as per American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) standards for commercial and Industrial structures. The team has also expertise in Indian Standards, British Standards and Euro Code requirements for Steel Detailing and Construction.

This team also undergoes the quality audits for the company’s ISO 9001 certification. Every Structural steel shop drawing goes out to the customer only after the specified quality checks are done. Hard copies of drawings are taken for manual checking.

Turn around time

Since all TEKLA models are accessed from a single server, it is possible for more than one person to work simultaneously on different parts of the same structural model. Therefore depending on the urgency of the project, we are able to put a number of people on the project model simultaneously and thereby bring down turn around times.


Location, Business Hours

We are located in Kochi, INDIA and we are 5 hours 30 minutes behind GMT. (GMT -5:30). Our normal working hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. The Structural Steel Detailing team who works for the fabrication drawings work from 12:30 PM till 9:00 PM. Therefore, someone responsible for the fabrication drawings is available to communicate with clients from Australia to North America  during common working hours.


Upon receipt of the design drawings from the customer, we are able to provide a quote for our services either based on the tonnage of Structural Steel involved ( as Steel workshops are comfortable with) or on the basis of man hours required for detailing and preparation of fabrication drawings. We can also provide along with the quote, a fast 3D line model of the structure for easy visualisation of the complexities in the structure, if any.


We will provide accurate error free detailing services on time.Our services will include,

  • Anchor Bolt Setting Plans and details with Shop drawings for Anchor Bolts and Levelling plates.
  • Embedded Plates Layouts and Details.
  • Erection/Framing plans at all Floors and Roof with shop drawings for Columns, Beams and Bracings.
  • Elevations with all Bracing and its connection details.
  • Fabrication drawing for each part with complete dimensional and machining details.
  • Details with all Field work information Like Field Bolting and Welding.
  • TEKLA 3D model of the structure. ( or 3D PDF Model)
  • Reports covers Material list, NC & DXF files for members, KSS files ( as required) and Shop/field bolt list

Output can be in native TEKLA formats, Autocad formats of PDF files as per the customer requirements. We are also able to provide a 3D model of the structure in Acrobat 3D format to customers who do not have TEKLA software.

Input from Customer

The detailing team can accept input files in all types of CAD formats and as PDF files. We can also extract required information from Autodesk REVIT models.