As a company owned and managed by qualified civil/structural engineering from India and Europe with extensive on-site and backend experience in a range of projects across the world, we really do understand the needs of people who work on buildings and structures — the issues they face, the pressure points, and the many things that have to be right at each complex, critical stage of planning and construction.
We have
  • A trained and easily mobilizable work force
  • Professionals with expertise in all relevant software, international standards and codes of practices
  • A strong track-record in timely delivery of quality outputs across the world
  • Well-established quality assessment and control procedures across hierarchies
  • Secure data infrastructure and up-to-date hardware and software
    ISO 9001:2015 certification
25 years as a reliable service provider for project consultants, architects, turn-key contractors and reinforcement steel manufacturers.
…are a testament to our reliability and ability to add value is that most of our clients continue their relationship with us, some for more than a decade.
…given our expertise in international standards, codes and practice.