Remote Sensing

Extracting meaningful information from images for a wide range of requirements



The remote sensing team at paradigm extracts meaningful information from different types of imagery to provides services according to user requirement.

Remote sensing data enable direct observation of the land surface at repetitive intervals and therefore allow monitoring the changes in land use and land cover. Satellite data provide a synoptic view and cover a vast area and high resolution satellite data (IKONOS/QUICK BIRD) has made it easier and more cost effective to create or update the land base data. Using this data we can easily identify features like buildings, road network, vegetation cover and water bodies.

Our multi-disciplinary team works on a wide range of projects that include:

  • Image Enhancement
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Classification
  • Image Processing
  • Georeference & Rectification
  • Dem Generation
  • Land  use / land  cover  mapping
  • High-resolution urban mapping
  • River  configuration  &  river  migration
  • Forestry / Agriculture mapping
  • Hydrographic Mapping
  • Topographic Map Productions
  • Flood Mapping