PEEP1702- 3D modelling of structural steel and reinforced structures using BIM environment and preparation of reinforcement detailing in the model

Technology is rapidly changing. Twenty-five years back, mostly manual drafting was prevailing. Later CAD replaced manual work, ever with the hesitations in the initial stage. Now the scene is different, CAD is used widely.

Now world of drawing generation is again transforming from 2 dimensional drawings to 3D environment. With Building information modelling (BIM), technology can do wonders. The Architectural, Structural and MEP models prepared separately can be combined together to check clashes, incorporate modifications etc. It has numerous other advantages too. This make BIM most essential in the industry.

In European countries, Middle-east and many other countries all over the world, it has become mandatory to submit building models in BIM environment to get building permission, thereby increasing the demand of BIM modelers.

This course offers, 3D modelling, extracting 2D drawings, 3D reinforcement detailing, obtaining bar bending schedules etc. in BIM environment using Revit.

Detailed Syllabus

  1. Overview of course
    • What is BIM
    • What is Revit
    • 3D Modeling and its advantages
    • Reinforcement detailing
    • Bar Beding Schedule
    • Drawing extraction
    • Difference between Architectural Revit and Structural Revit
  2. Introduction of Revit Structure
    • Building Information Modeling for Structural Design
    • General Structure
  3. Revit Structure Basics
    • Exploring the User Interface
    • Revit Elements, Families and Revit Templates according to different units
    • Starting a Project
  4. Starting a Design
    • Creating and Modifying Levels
    • Creating and Modifying Grids
  5. Structure Creation
    • Beam
    • Wall
    • Column
    • Floor
  6. Structural Foundation
    • Structural Isolated Foundation
    • Structure Wall Foundation
  7. Opening creation
    • By face
    • Shaft
    • Wall
    • Vertical
  8. Modifying Objects
    • Move
    • Copy
    • Rotate
    • Array
    • Mirror etc.
  9. Reinforcement Detailing
    • Cover
    • Rebar
    • Area Reinforcement
  10. Viewing the Building Model
    • Managing Views
    • Controlling Object Visibility
    • Working with Section and Elevation Views
    • Creating and Modifying 3D Views
  11. Annotation
    • Working with Text and Tags
    • Working with Dimensions
  12. Detailing and Drafting
    • Setting up detail views
    • Creating Detail Views
    • Working with Drafting Views
  13. Scheduling
    • Column schedules
    • Modifying schedules
    • Other schedules
  14. Presenting the Building Model
    • Creating sheets
    • GA drawings and RC detailing extraction
    • Placing and modifying views
    • Adding Revisions
    • Printing sheets
  15. Training exercise


Course Duration             : Two months

Timing                                : 9AM to 1PM

No: of seats in a batch  : 6

Course Fees                     : Rs 30000/-

Registration Procedure