Mobile Mapping

Mobile Mapping at the best-in-class level of detail and accuracy


paradigm’s team of geographical engineers and GIS specialists work in collaboration with geoVISAT, a mobile mapping firm based in Belgium, to process data gathered from georeferenced digital images at the street level.  Our team is equipped — through the latest technology infrastructure and software — to map in high detail and accuracy. We can capture data on roads, building, poles, manholes and pretty much every visible feature in the 360 degree images.

By combining leading edge GPS, INS and DMI technology, geoVISAT’s high resolution pictures offer a high degree of detail which gives clear and complete street views allowing you to georeference every pixel in the image. Organizations using its images are able to increase quality and efficiency resulting in clear benefits for internal and external clients. By using geoVISAT images, organizations gain in productivity and reach operational and financial benefits.

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