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With STRAKON, our team can produce accurate reinforcement detail drawings in about two thirds the time it takes using other CAD packages

Our engineers and detailers are trained in STRAKON software for the production of reinforcement detail drawings. paradigm has customized the program to be compatible with all international standards in collaboration with DICAD, the makers of STRAKON. With STRAKON, our team is able to produce accurate reinforcement detail drawings including bar bending schedules in about two thirds the time it takes using other CAD packages.

We provide preparation detailing drawings for different types of structures including industrail buildings, water front structures, bridges, rail roads, treatment plants, process plants, high rise buildings and residences.Reinforcement bar lists and schedules can be provided in various formats required by various codes of practice or by the requirements of CNC machines.

Client Inputs

Clients can provide plans, reinforcement details, sequence of construction, any special details, details of openings, inserts etc.


paradigm will work with the clients input to provide reinforcement steel detailing drawings with Bar Bending Schedules (BBS) with the necessary sections in the required scale.

The output is provided in one of various file formats preferred by the client including .kon/.dwg , .pdf files.

Software Used

Strakon, AutoCAD, Multisuite Rebar.

Why Outsource to
paradigm IT?

Apart from the cost saving benefits of outsourcing, the extensive experience of our team, our knowledge base, secure and robust technology infrastructure and stringent quality proccess enable us to provide our clients a variety of good quality remote services efficiently, quickly and securely.

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